Fictions Retiradas

As fictions listadas abaixo foram retiradas do site a pedidos de seus respectivos autores, o Fanfic Obsession de nada tem a ver com a decisão deles, logo, caso queira saber o motivo da retirada da fic do site, entre em contato com o autor da história.

Listagem das fictions retiradas a partir de 01 de setembro de 2018
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01. Agora Eu Quero Ir
01. Black Magic
01. Hypocrates
01. Losing Grip
01. Move
01. Prism
01. Revival
01. Salute
01. You Suck At Love
02. 1 of 1
02. Complicated
o2. DNA
02. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
02. Emotion
02. End game
02. Fake Love
02. Habit
02. Last Friday Night
02. Rumour Has It
02. Something In The Way You Move
02. Sometimes
02. Story Of My Life
02. Transformer
02. We All Roll Along
03. Down To Earth
03. Drunk In Love
03. Good Evening
03. Hey Everybody!
03. It’s You
03. My Hair
03. Right There
03. Somebody To You
03. The Truth Untold
03. Ultraviolet
03. Whalien 52
04. Bigger
04. Chamego Meu
04. Do Ya
04. Don’t Stop Me Now
04. Firework
04. Forever
04. I’ll fight
04. Neon Lights
04. Raning Spell For Love
04. Rhythm of the Night
04. Two Ghosts
04. Up
04. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore
05. Buttons
05. Daddy Issues
05. End of the day
05. Like To Be You
05. Love Is Not Over
05. My I
05. Nina
05. One More Chance
05. Paradise
05. We Don’t Talk Anymore
05. You Gotta Not
05. You’ Ve Got A Friend
6. 내게 (To Me)
06. All Of Me
06. Besame Sin Miedo
06. Blue
06. Children of the Revolution
06. First Love
06. Heart Attack
06. Heart Out
06. I’m not in love
06. I Went Too Far
06. Let Me Love You
06. Nightingale
06. Piano
06. POV
06. Shades On
06. Shine on
06. Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech
06. This Is Love
06. Who Waits for Love
07. A Tu Lado
07. A Little
07. All we know
07. Bet On It
07. Crossroads
07. Draydremin’
07. Fearless
07. Hot
07. Must Get Out
07. No Promisses
07. Outro: Circle Room Cypher
07. Reflection
07. Since We’re Alone
07. Stone
07. Trauma
07. Up All Night
07. Waiting for you
08. Air
08. Airplane Pt. 2
08. Alun Día
08. Canção de Hotel
08. Confetti Falling
08. Emily
08. Everyday
08. Forget Forever
08. Fourth Of July
08. Happily
08. I’ll Be Waiting
08. I’m A Slave 4 U
08. Living Dead
08. Love In The Dark
08. Miss You
08. Never Enough
08. Never Grow Up
08. Pinwheel
08. The Overpass
08. The Way
08. The winner takes it all
08. Why
08. Yeah, I Said It
09. Dope
09. Flower
09. Getaway car
09. Honest
09. I Don’t Have To Try
09. Lego House
09. Long Way Home
09. Mama
09. Me Canse
09. Mid Season
09. One and Only
09. Outro: Her
09. Secret
09. So Amazing
09. Talvez A Deus
09. Why Do I Love You
10 Songs For You
10. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
10. Castaway
10. Crazy
10. Emotion
10. Freedom
10. From The Dining Table
10. Give Your Heart a Break
10. Going Through The Motions
10. Jenny
10. Love Me
10. Love Song
10. Rocket
10. Scars to Your Beautiful
10. Sometimes
10. Sorry
10. Tua
10. Why Won’t You Love Me
11. Back For You
11. Cypher 4
11. Dying In LA
11. Float
11. Lonely
11. Outro: Tear
11. Outside
11. The Girl Who Cried Wolf
11. Trás de Mi
11. Witchcraft
11. You’re Not Alone
12. Broken Home
12. Don’t Stop Me Now
12. Foreigner’s God
12. Homesick
12. Supermarket Flowers
12. Nothing Else Matters
12. One Last Night
12. She Was The One
12. Spin up!
12. They Don’t Know About Us
12. Too Much To Ask
13. Famous Last Words
13. Goodnight n go
13. Hold It Against Me
13. Live To Party
13. Mr Hughes
13. Notice
13. Perfectly Wrong
13. The Great Escape
14. Call It What You Want
14. Lovestruck
14. Make You Believe Again
14. Never Be
14. The Love Club
14. You & I
15. All These Thing
15. Bitting Down
15. Blue
15. New Year’s Day
15. Smile
16. Eenie Meenie
16. Sale Girl
17. Be Who You Are
17. Ice Cave
17. Like I Would
18. The Best Day
26. Fingers
32. Unpredictable
365 Dias
90 Por Cento: A três
90 Por Cento: E eu vos declaro…
90 Por Cento: primeira vez

Letra A

A Beautiful Nightmare
A Curandeira
A Geração Falha
A Herdeira de Harkour
A história nunca contada de como me apaixonei por uma estrela
About Love and Other Things
About Us
Accidentally In Love
Act Like You Love Me
Agenda Suicide
Agentes do Caos
Akai Ito
All The Love, H
All The Stars
All Yours
Almost Illegal
Always On My Mind
Amor nas Férias de Verão
Amor em Irlandês
Amplexo Mortífero
Antes de Tudo
Aqueles malditos olhos verdes

Letra B

Back Tattoo
Back To You
Bang Bang Bang
Beautifully Delicious
Because I’m Me
Behind The Fine Line
Belas Criaturas – Primeiro Livro da série Império Santiago
Believe In Magic – A Fresh Start
Beside You
Beyond Grace
Brincável II
Brincável III
Broken Wings
By Our Hearts

Letra C

Caça ao Tesouro
Caçadores de Folclore
Call Me Señorita
Calling in Love
Can You Feel It
Can’t Wait To Finally Hear The Truth
Century Girl
Champions League
Chasing The Sun
Cloudy Day
Coração Desprevenido
Corações Aflitos

Letra D

Dance, Sing & Love
Dark Boy in São Paulo
Darling I’ll be true
Date Night
De Repente Calpurnia
De repente, princesa
Depois de Tudo
Des Roten Faden
Detenção dos Sonhos
Detenção dos Sonhos II: Um Flagrante Inesquecível
Devotos de LA
Dia, lugar e hora
Diga Que Não quer
Do Inferno Ao Paraíso
Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
Don’t Close The Book
Dream, Love and Distance
Dulce Castigo

Letra E

Em Todos os Sentidos
Entre Cenários e Chuteiras
Entre Monstros
Era Outra Vez
Everlasting Love
Everything Will Change
Expedição América

Letra F

Fake Love
Fala Baixinho
Fama e Destruição
Father’s Little Girl… or not
Fisiologia do amor
Five Months After
Flashbacks de Verão
FM Relationship – Going Deep
From bathroom to life

Letra G

Garota Fabricada
Girl Crush
Girls Like Us
Gol de Tabela
Golden Gate Ave
Good Enough
Grab My Hand

Letra H

Halls and Hales
Happy thirty years old, dear baby!
Hear Me
Heaven – Love Treinee
Hold You
Honey, Don’t Go
Hot Crazy

Letra I

I Can’t Even Get High
I Know, She Knows, For Sure
I’ll Be Your Mirror
I’m Just a Teenage Dirtbag
If Every Day Was Christmas
If I Could Be Anyone Else
If It All Goes Wrong
Imperfeita Perfeita
In Your Car
Into You
Incerto Amor
Insane Desire
Ironic Lovers
It could be our sun
It’s Gonna Rain!

Letra J


Letra K

Kiss Me

Letra L

La Excepción
La Excepción: Trap
La Nuit Dernière
La Proposición
La Tortura
Last Call For Sin
Learning To Fall
Les Étoiles Dans Tes Yeux
Let Me Know
Lie, Sweet, Lie
Like A Fool
LiveSOS: The Memories
Love By Poets
Love Hurts
Love Maze

Letra M

Ma Fierte
Madness 1969
Make It Alive
Make You Believe Again
Make You Mine
Me & U
Mein Südstern
Meu bem, eu te amo
Meu Menino
Miss Atomic Bomb
Mixtape: A Lenda
Mixtape: Beijo Molhado
Mixtape: Cartas Pra Você
Mixtape: Don’t Cry
Mixtape: I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
Mixtape: Listen To Your Heart
Mixtape: Na Sua Estante
Mixtape: Perfect
Mixtape: Shout Out To My Ex
Mixtape: Wings
Moja Milosc
Mon Tresor
MV: A Million Pieces
MV: Criminal
MV: Give Me Love
MV: I Need U
MV: I’m Home
MV: Last Friday Night
MV: Mansae
MV: Monster
MV: Runaway
MV: The One That Got Away
MV: We Belong Together
My Boy
My Dirty Secrets
My Heart is Forever Yours
My Only Angel
Mysterious and Addictive

Letra N

(Not) Sober
Nem Toda Garota Quer Namorar
Never Be The Same
Never Be The Same (DNA)
New Home
Nicht Mögen
No Hay Nadie Más
Nobody Like Us
Nobody Like You
Nobody Will Ever Be Like You
Not Like The Movies
Nothing Else Matters
Nothing Will Tear Us Apart
Nunca Fui Beijada

Letra O

O amor não tem padrão
O Namorado da Minha Namorada
O último coração partido
Oito Segundos
Olá, Sr Estranho
On Repeat
One’s Place
Operação Ridley
Our Harbor
Our Love

Letra P

Paixão Sem Limites
Panic Attack
Paper Rings
Passe Adiante
Pó de Anjo
Porquê Eu Não me Apaixonei Por Você
Pregant of A Famous
Profissão YouTuber

Letra Q

Quando Tudo Muda de Figura
Quando Tudo Muda de Figura II
Queen Of California

Letra R

Red Eyes
Rêve à Deux
Rise Up
Rock Bottom

Letra S

San Valentín
Saudade Da Gente
Say I Do
Schwein Haben
Secrets Of a Life
Seventeen Revelations
She Is A Loser
Shout About It
Space Battles Unlimited
Spring Day
Step by Step
Strani Amori
Sugar Baby
Sunday Morning
Sweater Weather

Letra T

Talking Body
Te amo, desgraça
Te Bese
Thank You For Loving Me
That’s Love
The Almost
The Blower’s Daughter
The Death of Me
The Fake Friends
The Favorite Couple
The Girl With The Colored Hair
The Last Hope
The Midnight Train
The Night We Met
The One You Loathe
The Originals: War, Love and Loyalty
The Riverside Club
There’s No One Like You
Ticky Tocky
Time To Let Me Go
Time to Love
Tiny Dancer
Toda Sua
Todas As Coisas Sobre Você
Too Good At Goodbyes
Trato Feito
Três de Novembro
Triângulo Amoroso
Tudo Por Um Amor
Tudo Por Um Beijo
Tudo Por Um Momento
Tudo Por Um Sim
Turn Your Face
Two weeks

Letra U

Um amor dentro e fora de campo
Uma Família para Dougie Poynter
Um Loop de Amor
Uma Namorada para Dougie Poynter
Um Caso A Três
Unmei no akai ito
Urgência de Você

Letra V

Vinho Tinto
Você Fez Valer à Pena
Vox Populi

Letra W

Without a Name
What I’ve been looking for
When You Smile
When Your Nightmares Come True
Whisper Words Of Love Right Into My Ear

Letra X

Letra Y

You and the Band
You Deserve a Song
You know what you did, don’t you?
You’ll never walk alone
Yours to hold

Letra Z

Zonas de Peligro