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I want you open mouthed
And on your knees

The lights were low in the apartment when she opened the door after keying in the code, making frown. Did she mistake the time in the message? It didn’t look as if was home just yet and it would suck to have to come back again later. Sure, she was being paid overtime – and it happened very often when one worked for an idol and was on call 24/7 – but thought that she’d have liked to enjoy her Friday night at some point. She’d even dressed up a bit, intending to hit a bar or a club as soon as she was done delivering the things asked of her.
Well, maybe she could just drop it off? would leave things on his coffee table or something and then just text him, with a heads up. wouldn’t be too mad at that; he was decently reasonable most of the time and it was Friday night. He was probably ball’s deep into some pretty thing in an expensive club somewhere, having completely forgotten that he asked his poor personal assistant for something that could definitely wait until Monday.
Mind made, stepped into the apartment without taking off her high heels, figuring that it didn’t matter since she was alone anyway and wouldn’t really stay long. Sure, would’ve had her hide if he knew, but it did thrill her a little to have that small act of defiance, even if he’d never know.
The way to the living room was familiar to her, having been there often, and not even the lack of light could stop from getting to her destination swiftly. The only noises in the entire place were the click of her heels against the dark wooden floor and the low, almost imperceptible hum of the state-of-art entertainment system. It was such a vast place, too much for one person, and it felt slightly intimidating in the dark. couldn’t wait to leave.
Bending slightly, she arranged the papers very visibly on top of the crystal-top coffee table and was about to straighten up when a voice came from behind her. A very familiar one. froze.
— Are you wearing shoes inside my house? — ’s faintly amused voice sounded, making turn.
A soft click and the dark living room was bathed in the soft, almost intimate glow of the lamp beside the armchair was sitting, a shadow of a smirk on his lips. He was still wearing the tux he’d made pick up from dry cleaning earlier sans the jacket, that was discarded on the sofa, now that she was looking for it. He looked a bit tired but very relaxed, lounging like a king on his throne, a glass of whisky held loosely in his right hand.
For some reason, ’s throat went dry as she straightened up and adjusted her skirts in a nervous manner. — I didn’t think you were home. It was all dark — she tried to justify herself, looking at the wall behind instead of at him.
He hummed, one eyebrow rising. — And you thought that meant you didn’t have to follow the rules, ? — there was an undercurrent of something in his tone, something couldn’t identify for the life of her but that sent a shiver down her spine.
— You were never supposed to find out — it was all she could think to say, and she knew, deep down, that it was a mistake even before the words left her mouth.
seemed to know too, considering how his smirk widened a fraction as he sipped his whisky. ’s eyes were drawn to his throat, watching as it worked when swallowed the drink. Fuck, how was everything so bloody attractive about this man?
— But I did find out. I always, do, , didn’t you know that? — he taunted her, swirling the amber liquid in its crystal-cut tumbler and setting it down on the side table, the noise of the crystal on the wood too loud in the otherwise quiet living room. — I was waiting for you. Didn’t I say I would be?
shrugged, wishing she had something to occupy her hands with. At least the semi-darkness could hide any unwanted reactions, like a blush. — You’re unpredictable. I never know what you really want.
That seemed to have given what he wanted, because his eyes glinted as he leaned forward, one hand moving to loosen up his bowtie. The movement looked very spontaneous, but knew it was calculated for maximum effect, to look sexy and enticing and oh so casual. It worked, that was the worst part. It always fucking worked.
— Oh, but you do. You know very well what I want because I’m clear when I give you orders, aren’t I? — he purred, undoing the silk with a single, smooth pull of his hand and unhooking it from around his neck. ’s breath hitched audibly, and huffed a faint laugh. — So easy.
Before she could protest that she wasn’t fucking easy, fuck you , he reached for his drink and downed what was left of it in one go, dropping the tumbler on the floor with a careless but purposeful move. waited for it to shatter, but the white carpet was so thick that the crystal just bounced on it and stayed, forgotten by its owner who was watching stand there with a predatory look on his face as he undid the first few buttons of his crispy white button down, revealing the tempting skin of his throat and that sinful chest.
— What was that, ? You opened your mouth to say something, didn’t you? — he said, leaning back and languidly wrapping one end of the black silk around left hand. — Cat got your tongue, darling?
Honestly, what was happening with her? never let have the last word on anything if she could help it, their professional relationship filled with snide remarks and her complaining about his overbearing tendencies, but right now she couldn’t think of a single thing to say.
opened her mouth, a quip finally having graced her slow brain, when the sharp snap of the tie made her jump. smirked and did it again, pulling hard on the fabric with his right hand to make it taunt and the air around it crackled. The sound made heat pool in the pit of stomach. It must’ve been clear in her eyes, based on how intense ’s eyes were.
— Strip — he ordered, still fingering the tie, face more impassive now as he watched her, clearly expecting his orders would be followed.
bit her lip hard enough to taste blood. — That’s not in my contract — she protested, not moving a single muscle.
’s mouth twitched, unhappy with being defied. — It is, actually. You really should read the things you sign more carefully, — the drawl was almost mocking, and the tie snapped again. jumped, cursing that bloody strip of silk. She could only imagine how much worse it would’ve been if had been wearing his belt- no, don’t go there, good god. — It says, in much more flowery and deceiving words, that any trespass against my direct orders will be met with swift disciplining. It’s not my fault you never bothered to ask the limits of said disciplining. I said strip.
Her body caught up before her brain did and reached for her midnight blue heels, to take them off. The snap of the tie – seriously, what the fuck, it was like a Pavlovian response – made her look up, eyes wide.
tutted. — Not the heels. You went through the trouble of breaking the rules to wear them inside, after all. Keep them on — his eyes ran over her body like a physical touch, making her pant a little bit. — They do flatter your legs quite a bit.
Shakily, reached for the buttons on her blouse instead, fingers a little clumsy as she tried to undo them as fast as she could without ruining the fabric with her nails. It was quite the task, with ’s heavy gaze on her. The idol’s handsome face didn’t betray a single thought other than intent and couldn’t tell what he was planning, if he was impatient with her pace or if he was enjoying the way she was clearly rattled.
The piece fell to the floor without a sound, leaving the woman standing there in her bra, the skirt and the expensive heels, vulnerable and quite turned on. Goosebumps danced over her skin as drank in the sight, as if she were being caressed by his gaze.
— Go on. You’re still wearing far too many clothes — he gestured with a hand, before running it through his hair in a way he knew it made him look even more handsome than normal. — Though I have to say- is that the kind of underwear you’ve been wearing for work, darling? One could almost think you meant for me to see it.
A hint of a smile twisted ’s blood red lips at that, because she had a very nice answer to the that comment- one she knew would hate. — I didn’t wear this to work. My plan was to go out after I came over, to find someone to show it to — the words came out far more coyly than mocking but the darkening of ’s face was more than enough for .
— You’re playing with fire, darling — he warned her, jaw tight. — Careful not to complain once you get burnt.
Instead of answering, enjoyed the momentum and brushed her fingers over the skin-coloured lace of the bra, shivering at the soft stimulation. It was a pretty thing, delicate and sexy, in shades of dark blue and nude that blended against her dark skin. Not something anyone wore to work or day to day life, it just wasn’t practical. It made her glad that she had planned to get laid that night- the look on ’s face made it all worth it.
— Did I tell you to stop? — he prompted, once more getting his emotions under control to look unaffected. — Keep going, . Don’t make me force you.
She- isn't quite sure what forcing her would look like to , but it was very likely to involve pulling very hard on her hair and she didn’t want to risk it. It was very easy to reach to the side and undo the tiny clasp on her skirt and then slowly sliding down the invisible zipper, letting the piece of clothing fall to the floor using the gravity. The knickers were a perfect match to the bra, delicate and sexy and hiding very little. took it as a victory when ’s breath caught almost imperceptibly.
— Turn around, hands behind your back — ’s voice was once more detached, commanding, and contemplated refusing but she was already moving. — Good girl — he purred.
Grabbing her wrists roughly, pulled them together behind her back, making gasp loudly. It was not rough, but it was far from gentle, as he looped the cool silk around the thin wrists and tied the knot hard, leaving very little give. It didn’t quite cut off ’s blood flow, but it almost did, and she knew it was calculated on his part. never did anything unless he meant to, after all.
Not yet done with her, he pulled on the now tied wrists to make her kneel, hitting hard on the fluffy carpet. gasped, feeling the impact, her shoulders pulling unpleasantly at the position. didn’t quite know what wanted with her in that position, but it was hard to deny that it was getting to her. Her skin felt hot to the touch now, almost feverish, and she wondered with breathless anticipation what would come next.
didn’t leave her wondering for long. The touch to her hair was gentle at first, playing with the length, but he tugged hard on it all of a sudden, pulling her head back. Leaning in, he whispered against her ear, wet and hot. — Turn around, my darling.
It was hard, all tied up like that, but made good use of the hand he had tangled in her hair, helping her shuffle artlessly until she was facing him. Or, rather, she was facing his crotch. The way ’s long legs were splayed in front of him was almost obscene, the expensive fabric of his tailored pants hugging the strong thighs in ways that made wet in her knickers.
He was so relaxed, as if he didn’t have his PA kneeling and bound between his legs like that, in the middle of the living room. looked up slightly and she saw a shadow of his smirk.
— You look beautiful like that, on your knees — praised, letting go of her hair to open his trousers, slow and drawn out. — I saw the way you reacted to the tie, darling. It’s a pity I’m not wearing a belt- but then again, I wouldn’t be able to use it properly — the noise of the zipper being lowered rang so loud in the room that almost twitched, pressing her thighs together to try and cut back on the heat gathering between her legs. — Maybe later tonight I’ll let you pick one from my collection and we’ll see what pretty marks they can leave on your skin.
That sounded like a promise, one that – for her shame – really wanted to see fulfilled. She could almost feel the sharp bite of the leather coming down on her bare skin, biting down on her lip to swallow a moan. laughed, low and teasing, palming his bulge over the expensive white boxers, eyes on hers. didn’t know whether to watch that painfully sexy face or drink in the way his cock was thickening against the tight fabric. In the end, picked for her as he drew himself out, the thick member looking a thousand times more delectable from up close, gripped tight in ’s fist as he pumped it lazily.
— Open up, darling. Be good for me now — the tone was obviously teasing, as he gripped the back of her head by the hair, guiding his member forward to brush against her lips. can feel the stickiness of the head, smearing her lips like some sort of lipstick, and she pressed a wet kiss to it, relishing in the way groaned. — Tempting harlot. Go on, do what you know best.
With that, he pushed inside the wet heat of her mouth, groaning loudly again and throwing his head back for a moment. was rather big and a considerable strain as she relaxed her jaw, taking in the length. It was thick, pulsing with need, and it hit the back of her throat once he was fully inside, the hand on the back of her neck keeping in place.
Breathing shallowly through her nose, the woman looked up, lashes fluttering as she met ’s eyes. He looked wrecked with his shirt undone, a flush climbing up his throat, the composed look completely gone.
— Look at you — his voice was hoarse, deep, as he gave her locks a pull that made her moan around the flesh inside her mouth. — Your lips never looked as pretty as when they are wrapped around my cock, darling.
It was a filthy, almost backhanded compliment, but it still made press her thighs together, feeling the heat almost impossibly overwhelming between her legs. seemed to know that too, because he smirked a little, hair falling over his forehead from the perfect hairstyle from before.
— Would that I could take a picture. I’d probably keep it on my desk at work, to remind myself of what I could do to you every time you mouthed off — sighing, he twisted his fingers deeper in her hair, clearly preparing for something and braced herself.
It was a good thing that she did, because used the leverage he had to start fucking her mouth. Or, rather, he bobbed her head on his hard member, still languidly sprawled on the armchair and seemingly unwilling to do any of the work. The grip on her hair was tight enough to make her scalp tingle and the loss of control was both arousing and dizzying for .
The woman made her lips tight, relaxing her throat and letting just- take. The pace was slow, almost tentative at first, and he didn’t seem to want to up the tempo anytime soon, content in sliding her mouth up and down on his cock. It made her lightheaded, just a bit, with the way he wasn’t even bothering to pull off and her knees were already complaining – as was her jaw – but knew she’d stay there for as long as wanted.
Part of her arousal was coming from the way he was just...using her for his pleasure. With how her hands were bound, couldn’t even brace herself properly, depending entirely on ’s hold of her hair to stay upright. All she could do was kneel there and take it.
Without warning, grunted and picked up the speed, his grip pulling painfully in her scalp. ’s muffled gurgle was swallowed by ’s loud moans, the obscene sound of saliva over flesh mixing with it in ways that made her even more overheated. It was murder on her jaw, this new pace, but it also indicated one thing: was tired of playing.
For the next few minutes, it almost felt as if was floating. The aches on her knees and jaw were still there but distant, as was the lack of air. All she knew were the noises of pleasure from that washed over her, the bitter taste of precome coating her tongue and the heavy weight of his cock hitting the back of her throat over and over again.
Out of nowhere, the firm hold of her locks became painful as pulled, pushing her head down until her nose was buried in his lower stomach. gagged, one, twice, before her throat relaxed enough to take the intrusion and growled above her, spilling without warning.
Choking, tried her best to swallow but he wouldn’t let her pull her head away, keeping her down and riding out his orgasm with tiny thrusts of his hips. Semen leaked from the corners of her mouth, dripping lewdly down her chin along with her own saliva.
After what felt like an eternity later but was probably less than a handful of seconds, the hand in her hair eased up and pulled off, coughing as she swallowed the last mouthful of bitter come, eyes watery.
Her lashes clung together with unshed tears and her vision was blurry, but she was aware enough to notice reaching out with a hand, carefully and gently cleaning up her chin, catching the mess with his thumb and pressing it between her lips, prompting her to suck it clean. Satisfied, he gripped her jaw tight and pulled her up, to straddle his lap.
gasped in pain, her knees, back and shoulders making their displeasure known, but she went easily, sitting on his powerful thighs.
— You are so fucking beautiful — unlike his earlier tone, this one was soft, almost tinted with wonder, as he moved to cradle her face and kissed her, deep but unfailingly gentle, not caring that she tasted like him. — I’ll never get tired of looking at you.
The woman only hummed in response, resting her head against his collarbone, slumping forward with a small whimper of discomfort. Tutting, reached behind her and tugged on the knot until it came loose, freeing ’s arms. It hurt a bit to move them, but it was also a relief. He picked up her wrists, bringing them to his chest and massaging them gently, trying to get the blood to flow properly again.
— What’s your colour, my love? — the soft question jarred from the almost sleepy trance she slipped into.
— Green. Like, very green — because as much as she was tired and hurting everywhere, she was also aching in lust, skin hypersensitive and her knickers were soaked, likely leaking all over ’s expensive trousers.
He laughed, rough and fond. — Of course you are. Think you can come like this?
Brain sluggish, made a noise that was half a question, half confusion. Like this how? Instead of answering, exemplified by letting go of her wrists and moving his hands to her waist, holding tight and-
Like that.
— You want me to rut on your thigh? — ’s voice was an octave higher than normal, whether from lust or from shame she couldn’t tell.
’s expression was downright evil. — If that’s how you wanna put it, love — he shrugged, mock innocent, as he moves his thigh under her again.
The friction makes keen, lips parting as she pants a little. Her hips moved without her consent, clit rubbing against the lace of her knickers and send tiny little shocks of pleasure down her spine. leaned in, lips brushing against the shell of her ear.
— That’s it, my love. Just like that — he purred, voice low and sensual, drawing circles on the sensitive skin of her waist.
’s moans grew in staccato the faster she moved, hands fisting the now rumpled material of ’s expensive shirt to brace herself. His mouth moved up and down her neck, leaving wet kisses and little bites just on the right spots, knowing exactly how to heighten her pleasure and drive her insane.
Clearly their previous little roleplay had worked up a lot more than she’d imagined, because it wasn’t long before her moans turned into broken up screams, head thrown back in pleasure and eyes screwed shut as she shook, orgasm hitting her not like a sledgehammer but like a wave, dragging and dragging until it threatened to drown her.
Just like every tide, thought, it eventually broke, leaving her whimpering and sensitive, shivering as the aftershocks wore off. caressed her hair, helping her come down, not even caring that she had made a mess of his tailored trousers.
— I love you — he whispered against her hair, lips trailing down her temple, her cheeks, to finally stop at her lips, kissing her sweetly.
smiled, eyes still closed, as she kissed him back. — I love you too — she sighed, feeling as if she’d just run a marathon. — I’m cold.
Her pout made laugh. He used their position to hook his hands under her thighs and pick her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he carried her out of the living room, leaving the mess of clothes to be taken care at another time.
— I’ll run you a bath, princess. You deserve a bit of pampering for going along with my depraved fantasy.
scoffed a little, nuzzling his neck sleepily. — Anytime, love of my life — then she paused for a second. — You’re never getting a PA, I hope you realise.
His laughter echoed in the tiled walls of the bathroom.


Nota da autora: Thanks for reading and thank you Fernanda for inspiring this. This is literally pure sin, can't believe anyone made it through ♥

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