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’s face was not completely visible to , but she could imagine it was blissed out very much like her own. The thick member throbbed inside her, filling spaces she hadn’t even known were empty. The glass pressed against her back was cool and slightly humid with the condensation from their combined body heat, fogging up slightly with each of ’s heavy breaths.
— Fuck, fuck- I fucking love being inside you, baby — he whispered against her ear, wet and hot and so rough, voice as wrecked as felt. She clenched around him, hard, and savoured his full body shudder. — Baby, don’t do that. I’m hanging by a thread here, baby girl.
laughed, breathless, tightening her legs around him more securely and pulling ’s face towards her by the hair, hand tangled in those blonde locks. His jaw was tight with tension, his whole body really, and pleasure was written in every line of his handsome face. It was surreal how much she loved this man, how much he turned her on and turned her soft at the same time.
— You can always move — teased, nipping at his lip wetly, small breasts pressing against his chest as he shoved her back against the floor to ceiling window, hard. The woman gasped, half moaning, and he growled.
— Don’t give me that, you know I can’t- don’t wanna hurt you. But you’re making this really hard on me — rolled his eyes, nose running down the line of her jaw and reaching her neck, breathing her in. didn’t imagine that she smelled of anything other than sweat and sex and maybe a hint of vanilla, but moaned so deeply as if he’d reached nirvana just with her scent.
The woman dug her nails on his back, scratching it just deep enough, the way he liked, delighting in the way the muscles rippled and the way hissed and bit her neck hard. That would leave a mark- another one. Since her impromptu visit to Korea, she’d been very thankful for the nippy weather. It excused her excessive use of scarves.
— I can take it. Come on, . You know I can take you — she was goading him, she knew, but couldn’t help it. A little bit of pain was a small price to pay for the blissful pleasure that awaited them both after her body got used to the monstrosity was packing. — Fuck me. Come on, fuck me hard, daddy.
looked at her for a long second as if she had betrayed his trust and smirked, knowing she’d get exactly what she wanted. If there was one thing her boyfriend couldn’t resist, was that.
And he didn’t even try. Capturing her lips in a kiss that stole the little breath she had, moved one of his hands under her arse, pressing her even harder against the window, and pulled off slowly, making her wince at the stretch of his cock moving inside her. was half afraid he’d stop at the show of pain, but knew her well enough to know it would pass and that she’d hit him if he did. The drag went on almost forever, until only the head was inside and for a second that stretched for an eternity, she felt achingly empty.
Then, without warning, slammed back inside, groaning against her lips and swallowing the half-pained moan let out, her smaller body shaking in his arms as he started thrusting, barely pulling back halfway before burying himself again inside her.
Forced to stretch to accommodate the girth, squeezed her eyes shut and buried her nails on ’s shoulders, holding on first to ride off the pain and then- then to keep herself anchored as the pleasure started to hit. She was so full, and they were so close- close enough that went from pounding to rutting inside, barely pulling off in between thrusts, just going deeper and deeper.
was screaming against his lips, sinful and swollen, ’s hands leaving marks on her skin as he held her tight enough to hurt, fucking her with a single-minded intent that left the woman breathless.
— Daddy, fuck- harder — begging wasn’t a new thing between them, and knew it drove half wild with need. — Take me, make me yours, fill me up-
It was testament of the window’s strength that it didn’t even shake with the force behind ’s trusts, the only mark of their filthy activities being the fogged spots on the glass. was panting with the effort of both hold her up and fuck her hard, chest glistening with sweat and streaking ’s own with it, every time their bodies slid together in passion. Her hair stuck to her forehead and matted on the back of her neck, something that would’ve been uncomfortable if she could’ve thought of anything other than how good it felt to have inside her like that.
— Always so fucking tight, baby- almost as if I don’t fuck you every day — ’s lips move sensually against the damp skin of ’s neck, nipping at the bruises he left there earlier. She was sure the imprint of his fingers was still marked like a necklace around her neck. — Should I turn you around? Make sure everyone can see you like that, begging for my cock?
Logically, knew they were too high up and that the windows were one-way only. But logic had fled her brain the moment had cornered her after her shower, thick cock hanging half hard between his thighs and a look of danger in his eyes. Right now, the idea that someone could be watching them, watching her was entirely possible and impossibly arousing. mewled, clenching down on him.
grunted and sped up a little, keeping up the relentless, almost brutal pace despite having been fresh out of practice and likely tired. His stamina never ceased to surprise , especially considering how languid he was ninety percent of the time.
— Would you- ah, would you like that? Didn’t think you’d share, daddy? — the teasing came out weak and broken up, words almost unthinkable at the moment. She was far, far too close to be able to be more coherent, left close to the edge by ’s clever mouth and wicked tongue earlier. — would be interested, I think-
The sentence was cut off with a gasp when bit down on her neck, hard, probably hard enough to break skin. Far from being put off, felt herself being pushed even closer to the edge, both by the bite and the display of possessiveness. One of his hands slammed loudly on the glass next to her head as he snarled at her.
— Say his fucking name one more time when I’m inside you, , I swear to fucking god- — he punctuated the words with thrusts so hard that she could swear she could feel on the back of her throat. — Think fucking can fuck you like this? Think he can give you what you need, baby? His cock gonna feel this good inside you?
No, of course not. The answer was that no one could ever feel like , be . — Only you, only ever you- please, , more, just you, no one compares to you, please.
— That’s what I fucking thought — grunting, he drove himself inside again and again, chasing his release as she tethered over the edge of her own. It felt like being on a hair-trigger, so close that anything could tip the line. — You’re mine. Hear that, ? All. Fucking. Mine.
knew by experience that could go on for much longer, though she didn’t think he would. Not when he’d just got home, and they were planning on dinner at some point that night. Maybe. It was hard to remember if they had any plans when all her mind wanted to think was yes, more, please, harder, faster.
— Come for daddy, princess — groaned after a while, calmer after taking out his aggressive possessiveness by trying to fuck through the bloody window. — You feel so good, tight and wet around me. Show me how much you like it, baby girl.
And because wasn’t a man of only words but also actions, he changed the angle, knowing ’s body from the inside out, and tangles his fingers in her hair, the rings he hadn’t bothered to take off tugging painfully on a few individual strands.
The hand just...rested there for a moment whilst got used to the new angle, keening in pleasure, arching against the damp glass of the window. It was almost too much, almost too painful and it felt so fucking good that she was seeing starts already.
That was when wrapped the long locks once more around his hand and pulled. saw white and she was pretty sure the entire floor could hear her screaming as she came, shaking in ’s arms. Distantly, she could hear him curse, the hand holding her up leaving painful bruises behind as he held himself together through her orgasm, but couldn’t really care about it at that moment.
It felt like every nerve end she had was on fire and that fire was the most delicious thing she’d ever felt. She was live wire, ’s every touch setting her off, and the ache in her scalp and bruises in her body only heightened the sensation.
A minute or a century later, came down from her high enough to notice that had buried his face on her neck, mouthing at the marked, already damp skin, moaning and groaned as he pounded artlessly and without finesse inside her. It was pure instinct, him driving himself deeper in search of his own climax. was riding that thin line between sensitive and in pain, enjoying how each thrust heightened the aftershocks but knowing it wouldn’t last.
didn’t last long enough for the scale to tip, though. With a series of loud, broken moans, he stiffened and sucked a hard bruise on her shoulder, burying himself deep inside and spilling inside de condom she hadn’t even remembered they had the sense to use.
Her boyfriend was shaking faintly, aftershocks and the low of adrenaline combined with the effort of holding her up like that taking the toll. waited for a few moments but then tapped his shoulder, humming. — Put me down before you drop me.
With a hoarse laugh, just held her tighter, against his chest this time, slipping out of her and tossing the condom somewhere it definitely shouldn’t be. whimpered, he panted, and it was a moment for both of them to enjoy the...loss. Then, he started moving towards the bed, collapsing on top of on their mattress.
— I find your lack of faith disturbing — whispered against her hair, chuckling, and she giggled, feeling his weight ground her back on earth.
— I knew you had a Darth Vader fetish. My neck can attest to that — the woman sighed, dramatically, looking into his eyes.
There was a hint of concern there, a light furrow of his brows as he looked at the hand-shaped imprint decorating the skin of her neck like a necklace.
— Shit, . That looks-
She slapped his arm, sharp but not enough to hurt. — It looks exactly like I want it to, . Give it a rest.
He searched her face for something, a long moment stretching between them, and let him. There were dozens of things that they'd both get insecure about every so often and that was okay. She just tried to project as much reassurance as she could.
Satisfied that everything was alright, kissed her gently, deep and loving but achingly careful. shuddered into the kiss, mewling a little. He caressed her hair, as sweaty and gross as it was, and her heart swelled with so much fucking love. Every single time she thought she couldn’t love this man more and every single time he proved her wrong.
— Five thousand that you won’t be able to walk anywhere tomorrow until dinner time — ’s smug voice broke the silence and tried to knee him in the gut, for the sheer audacity, but he was pressing her down too hard for her to move much. Also, it hurt.
— I’ll stab you with the butter knife — she threatened, knowing it wouldn’t sound all that scary considering she was half asleep and pinned down.
just gave her a sappy smile. — I love you.
Smirking, touched his cheek with a couple of fingers. — I know.


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