Fictions Abandonadas II

Visando o melhor aproveitamento de espaço no site, as fics abandonadas – que não atualizam há um ano ou mais – foram removidas do site.

Diferente das fics retiradas, nas fics abandonadas tanto tabela quanto arquivo foram guardados pela equipe do site, caso o autor da história tenha interesse em continuar, entre em contato pelo ou com a beta da sua fic.
Caso sua fic tenha entrado nessa lista por engano, envie-nos um e-mail que colocamos arquivo e tabela de volta ao site.

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Letra G

Gaining A New Life
Galaxy Defenders – Garotas Estelares
Game Over
Garota Comum
Garota de 18 Anos
Garota de Aries
Garota do Café
Garota de Sorte
Garota Problema
Geografia #FAIL
Get Back
Get off my mind
Get Out Alive
Get Together
Get Up and Go
Get’cha Head In The Game
Getting Sober
Ghost Of The Summertime
Ghost of you
Girl on Tour
Girl Problem
Girls and Boys in Love
Girls do what they want
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Give Me Love
Give me Love… Give me Money
Give Me More Love
Give me one more night
Give Me Therapy
Give Me Your Heart Broken
Glass Person
Go Away
Gods and Monsters
Going Crazy
Going Down
Going Down in Flames
Going to 30
Gold Forever
Gone Away
Good Times
Goodbye to you
Goodnight Tonight
Gossip Love
Got me On my knee
Gotta Be You
Governments Agents
Gravity, stay the hell away from us!
Great Burrito
Greed Of Destiny
Green Eyes
Growing Up
Guilty – Culpada
Guilty Pleasure

Letra H

Half Blood
Happy New Year Winchesters
Happy Together
Happy Valentine’s Day To You
Harder Than I Know
Harry, o Bardo
Hate Is Just the Other Side of Love
Hating You
Have You Here
He Doesn´t Know
He doesn’t remember me
He is back
Heading Home
Heal Me
Heart and Soul
Heart Chess
Heart on the sleeve
Heart Race
Heart Vacancy
Heartbreak Warfare
Hearts Collide
Heaven & Hell II – Meeting the Winchesters
Heel Over Head
Heksery: Os Senhores da Natureza
Hell and Angels
Hell Angels
Hello Australia
Hello Beautiful
Hello, England – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Hello L.A
Help! My brother has a band
Help there’s a mcguy trying to kiss me
Helter-Skelter Romance
Here (In Your Arms)
Here Comes The Baby
Here Comes The Sun
Here’s Your Letter
Here we go again
Heroes – O bem e o mal
Hertfordshire – The Contract of Death
Hey dudes who is Mcfly
Hey Jude
Hey Kid! Do I have you attetion?
Hey Soul Sister
Hey, stay alive. I love you!
Hide and Sink
High for This
High School Life
High School Never Ends
Highway To My Favorite Hell
Highway to Hell
Hino da Liberdade
Histórias de Emma Harper
Hit the Lights and Live an Adventure
Hitchin’ a ride
Hogwarts, uma história
Hogwarts: Uma Nova História
Hold Me Close and I’ll Take You Higher than You’ve ever been
Hold Me Down
Hold That Bride!
Hold your breath and spare me
Hole In One
Holidays Summer
Holly… I’m the one!
Holly Springs
Holocaust of Love
Homecoming Dance
Hometown Heroes
Hospital for Souls
Hopeless Opus
Hot Revenge
Hotel California
Hotel Fairytale
Hotel On A Hill
How Could You Be So Heartless?
How I With You Were Here
How It’s Like to Be Loving You
How to be
How To Break a Heart
How To Fly
How To Love
How To Touch A Girl
Hunger Games
Hunt Me

Letra I

I Almost Do
I Bet My Life
I Can Not Wait Forever
I can’t stop loving you
I Can’t be Tamed
I Caught Myself
I Complete Myself
I could be in California
I Could Get Used To This
I Don’t Wanna Be In Love
I Don’t Wanna Let You Go
I Found You
I got lost without you
I Had The Best Days With You…
I Hate Every Little Piece of You
I Hate…
I Hate You To The Moon And Back
I Hope I’m Not a Little Too Late
I Like the Way that We Play
I Like You, Loser
I Love Game
I Love you more than a friend
I Make Good Girls Go Bad
I Need You To Need Me
I Need Your Body
I Need Your Impossible Love
I Never Felt This Way
I Never Let You Go!
I Never Told You What I Do For a Living
I Promise You
I Realy Fuckin’ Love You
I Remember
I Remember You
I Should Have Kissed You
I Should Have Know
I Should Have Taken The Chance
I Still Love You
I Still Loving You
I Think I Love You
I Think we are Alone Now
I used to be love drunk
I wanna
I Want It All
I Want It That Way
I Want To Save You
I want you to want me
I Want Your Brother, baby!
I Will Love Again
I Will Stand By You Forever
I Will Stay
I Wish
I Work For Evil, But Who I’m Loyal?
I Would Make You Stay
I Wouldn’t Dream So High
Ice x Fire
Ich Liebe Dich
I’d Do Anything
Idiot Loft
If I Had a Gun
If I Never See your Face Again
If I Should Fall Behind
If it Means a Lot to You
If Only
If Only They Knew
If U C McGuys
If You Could Be My Superman
If You Leave Me I Will Die
If You Knew
I’ll Be With You
I’ll Never Be Alone
I’ll Never Let You Go
I’m Crazy For This Girl
I’m Criminal
I’m Fake
I’m Falling In Love
I’m For Real
I’m giving up
I’m Good.
I’m Home?
I’m not a Heroine
I’m not good enought
I’m Not Over You
I’m only me when I’m with you
I’m Real
I’m really crazy
I’m So Screwed – Parte 2
Imagine II
Immortal Love
(Im)possible Love
Impossível de Acreditar
Improving It
In A Fantasy
In Dubio
In My Veins
In The Woods
In Time
In Too Deep
Independent Of All
Índices de maldade
Inferno Astral
Infinite Playlist
Inimiga do estado
Inside Out
Into you
Iron King – O retorno do ferro
Is it really the past?
Is too late to apologize?
Is Your Dream Your Destiny?
Is Your Secret Safe Tonight?
It Crowd
It Feels So Wrong When Summer’s Gone
It Happens All The Time
It Has To Be You
It Just Happens
It’s A Beautiful Life
It’s All About Our love
It’s All About The Money
It’s All About Us
It’s All Blink’s Fault
It’s All Not True
It’s here my heart
It’s Like A Dream Come True
It’s like coffee and tea
It’s London, babe!
It’s Love, It’s Love, It’s True
It’s Magic, Baby!
It’s Raining men, Hallelujah
It’s You
It Was Her Doom
I Wish Go Back To December

Letra J

Jamais Deixarei Você
Je t’aime
Jemi My Immortal
Jerkland 2
Jerkland 3
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jogo de Sedução
Jogo Restrito
Just A Girl Without Name
Just a Dream
Just Another Girl Alone At The Bar
Just Because I’ll Always Love You
Just Believe
Just Believe It
Just Can’t Let Her Go
Just Fake It
Just Feel Better
Just Found My Way Back To You
Just Give It a Chance
Just Her Luck
Just Kiss Me
Just Like You
Just Live With It II
Just More One Dream
Just my Luck
Just Neighboring
Just One Chance
Just One Drink Away
Just One More Night
Just Remember
Just Say Je T’aime
Just Say That You Love Me
Just Say Yes
Just Say You Want Me
Just Sex
Just so you know
Just Turn It Off
Just Wanna Be With You
Just Wait and Trust
Juventude A Flor da Pele

Letra K

Keep Calm and Carry On (My Wayward Son)
Keep The Secret
Killer Desire
Knight of Shadows
King of the night
Kiss me!
Kiss of Darkness
Kitty: Medo e Máscaras
Knockin on my door

Letra L

La Vita é Bella
Lady de Barth
Lady Rebel
Laio: Portas do inferno
Lances da Vida
L’Ange et Le Demon
Last Chance To Lose Control
Last of the American Girls
Learnin’ to Love
Lembra de mim
Lembranças de sábado
Lembrando de Domingo
Lembranças Falsas
Lendas de Midten
Let it Go
Let Me Light up the Sky
Let Me Think
Let The Destiny Decide
Let The Music Move You
Let The Music Speak
Let This Go
Letra e Música
Let’s Be More Than This
Let’s Go Out On Tour?
Let’s Go To London
Let’s Live
Let’s Play Hard
Levo comigo
Life As We Know It
Life Goes On
Life Is A Highway
Life Like This
Life Of Lies
Life’s a Bitch
Life’s like this
Life Without Borders II – Desastres e Catástrofes
Ligeiramente Grávidos
Like a Magic Pass
Like a Stranger
Like Crazy
Like We Used To
Like We Were Before The Storm
Linhas Imaginárias
Listen Your Heart
Little Bourne
Little House
Little Joanna
Little Nick
Little things
Live And Let Die
Live While we’re Young
Living a Dream in London
Living in London
Living in the (not so) Material World
Living In Wonderland
Living Rock
Living To Die
Locked Together
Locking Our Jungle
LOLA or Me
London Eye
London in a Year
London of mind
London Will Tear Us Apart
London’s Troup Of Three
Lonely Girl
Lonely In Gorgeous
Lonely Road
Losing Grip
Losing My Mind
Lost for words
Lost in London
Lost in Stereo
Lost in the Darkness
Lost in the Echo
Lost in Your Fate
Love and Dance
Love At The Second Sight
Love Beyond Life
Love Bites, Love Sucks
Love Century
Love, Does that really exist?
Love eternal love
Love Fake
Love has reasons that reason knows not
Love Hurt
Love Idiot
Love is a bitch
Love is easy… Not for me!
Love Is Like A Star!
Love is not just say ‘I love you’
Love is Not Too Easy
Love Is Our Weapon
Love Is Suicide
Love Killer
Love, Magic and Terror in Winchester
Love Me Like You Used To
Love or Friendship?
Love season
Love Shoot
Love Stories
Love You Until The End
Love or be loved?
Lovin’ On You
Lovin’ So Hard
Lua de Sangue
Lucidos Recados
Lucky Strike
Lullabies to Paralyze
Luzes Vermelhas

Letra M

Macho man girl
Mad World
Made In Hell
Made of Moments
Madness in London
Magic and Vampire
Mais Uma Para Holly
Make a Little Love in Wonderland
Make it Change
Make Me Fall
Make Me Wanna Die
Make My Life Wonderful
Make Sense
Make The Love Easy
Make-Up Smeared Eyes
Make You Notice
Make You Smile
Mama Do
Mamãe de Mentirinha
Manhãs de domingo
Manhattan’s Elite
Mansão Baltimore
Mansão Bourne: A Herança
Mantenha o Foucou!
Many Reasons to Smile
Marry Me
Maybe the Bo$$
McGirl of your dreams
McGuys’ Pets
Me Acorde
Me Ame ou Me Odeie
Me apaixonei por um amigo ou por um idiota?
Me Seduz
Me, You And They?
Meet Me Halfway
Meet Me In The Paradise
Meet Those Girls
Meu Irmão Mais Novo
Melancolia Taciturna
Melhor do que as Palavras
Melt Me With Your Eyes
Memories fade like photographs
Memories in Pieces
Memories of the love never die
Memories That Fade Like Photographs
Memory Bliss
Memory Lost
Mentes Deturpadas
Merry Christmas
Message In Blood
Messed Up
Met This Girl
Metamorfose: A caçadora de Rostos
Meu Adorável Ex Inimigo
Meu Canalha Irresistível
Meu Paraíso Proibido
Meu Querido Irmão
Mi Mejor Amigo És Mi Amor
Middle Of Summer
Midnight Memories
Midnight Memories of Brazil
Midnight’s Dancer
Milagre de Halloween
Miles Of Love
Minha Vida Com Fletch
Misery Loves Company
Misfit Love
Misgueded Ghosts
Miss Behaved
Miss Mee
Missed You
Mixed emotions
M.O.B. – Misery Of Business
Moments In London
Mommy’s Friend
Mommy, We Are Lost
Mon Angel
Moonlight Conversation
Moonlight of Midnight
More Spots
More Than Anything
More than eyes can see
More Than Friends
More Than This
Moulin Rouge
Move On
Mr. Brightside
Mr. Rainmaker
Mrs. Tomlinson
Mudança de Curso
Mudança Eterna
Mudança Radical
Mundo das Celebridades
Murder house
Music, Lovers & Friends
My Best Choice… Or not
My Best Friend’s Brother
My big brother
My Bittersweet Love
My boys
My Choice is You
My Confused Romance
My Darlin
My Dear Stepmother
My Deepest Desire
My Dilemma
My Eternal Love
My Fallen Kingdom
My Gayfriend
My hero my light
My life is worse than a nightmare, It’s a hell
My Life Upside Down
My Little Angel Without Wings
My Little Cousin
My Little Sin
My Lovely Nerd
My Mad and Idiot Diary
My mom, my sisters and my girlfriend
My Neighbor
My Neighbor Has a Band
My Own Way Out
My Paradise
My Personal Hell
My Prized Possession
My Real Life
My Russian Roulette
My Soul Destination
My Summer Love
My Sun and Moon
My Super Nanny
My Sweet Nightmare
My Sweet Romania
My Sweet Sin
My Whisper
Mystery girl
Mz. Hyde

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