Fictions Retiradas (G – L)

As fictions listadas abaixo foram retiradas do site a pedidos de seus respectivos autores, o Fanfic Obsession de nada tem a ver com a decisão deles, logo, caso queira saber o motivo da retirada da fic do site, entre em contato com o autor da história.

Listagem das fictions retiradas a partir de 01 de setembro de 2018

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Letra G

Garota Fabricada
Getting Back
Girl Crush
Girls Like Us
Give It A Shot
Gol de Tabela
Golden Gate Ave
Good Enough
Grab My Hand

Letra H

Halls and Hales
Happy thirty years old, dear baby!
Hear Me
Heaven – Love Treinee
Heavens Feel
Heresy I
He’s a King, I’m a Boss
Hold You
Honey, Don’t Go
Hot Crazy
Hunting the Hunter
Hunting the Corrupt

Letra I

I Can’t Even Get High
I Don’t Want Somebody Like You (I Only Want You)
I Know, She Knows, For Sure
I Remember It All Too Well
I’ll Be Your Mirror
I’m Just a Teenage Dirtbag
If Every Day Was Christmas
If I Could Be Anyone Else
If It All Goes Wrong
Imperfeita Perfeita
In The Eye of the Hurricane
In Your Car
Incerto Amor
Insane Desire
Inside the Maze
Insólito Destino
Into You
Ironic Lovers
It could be our sun
It’s Gonna Rain!

Letra J

Just a Heartbeat Away

Letra K

Kissed by the Sun (I Guess We Are the Lucky Ones)
Kiss Me
Kiss With a Fist

Letra L

La Excepción
La Excepción: Trap
La Nuit Dernière
La Proposición
La Tortura
Last Call For Sin
Le Morte d’Arthur pt. I
Learning To Fall
Les Étoiles Dans Tes Yeux
Let Me Know
Lie, Sweet, Lie
Like A Fool
LiveSOS: The Memories
Louder than Bombs
Love By Poets
Love Hurts
Love Maze
Lust for Life