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Chapter 1

I swallowed when I heard my stepmother's irritating voice again. I ran my fingers through my dark hair as I watched the raindrops drip outside on the car window. My brown eyes ended up focusing on the big castle when the car started to slow down. I sighed softly, hating my father, hating my life. Did they really think that I was going to miraculously become a good guy for being stuck?
Even if I had to burn that shit to prove it…
The car stopped right at the entrance, I could see some faces in the big windows. The students were probably seeing the next unlucky one who had arrived. I got out of the car, pulling on the collar of the long black coat I wore.

— You’ve always wanted to live in a castle, son. — my dad's asshole tried to look cool, but it just made me look disgusted.

An older man with another woman appeared on the stairs, that welcoming smile on their faces, which I did not return. He was even starting to get bored with something that hadn't even happened yet. That boring presentation, I already knew everything they would say, they would send someone to introduce me to the whole fucking castle and I just wanted to not talk to anyone. I wanted to get rid of the unbearable old fucker's voice that my dad was and especially the disgusting bitch that was my stepmother. Only he did not see how self-serving that woman was.

— This must be , right? — I just looked at him as if it were the obvious. — I’m the director of the institution. It will be a pleasure to have you as a student, everyone here ends up becoming hardworking, good people, people who want to change the world, want to make a difference. — I raised my eyebrow slightly with that and looked at my father in the next second.
— They'll fry my brain, do you know that, right? — That made my father laugh nervously, shaking his head.
— He's playful anyway. — I rolled my eyes with his stupid attempt to look like I was kidding. What if I wasn't? I looked at the director with that doubt on his face, I even look behind him and right look at the castle.
— I'm just kidding? — I asked quietly, licking my lips slightly when I return to face the director who looked like a crazy doctor who ate a child and the crazy one next to him. — Can we skip that part that my dad pretends I'm a good guy and you suck at each other? I'm really hungry, I want to know my room and get rid of all this falsehood. — I closed my coat more, passing them and going up the stairs. I heard the director tell my father that behavior was not allowed here and that I would learn it.

In his dreams, of course!
I was forced to wait for their sluggishness behind me, longing for a headset so I wouldn't hear all that bureaucracy that was unbearable. The rules were endless, I heard only a few that were even obvious. No sex. No boys in girls' rooms or the other way around. The girls' dorms were on the other side of the campus, which made it difficult for them to escape or for the boys to escape. No smoking. No alcohol. With nothing fun to be honest.
Until I stop walking when he says that the internet was only allowed on weekends. I look at him in disbelief and he does the same to me, I even see a smile on the lips of that asshole woman who was married to my father.

— The popular will lose his followers when they have no notification of his beautiful days at the pool. — I narrowed my eyes at her with that stupid comment.
— Be careful not to put bleach in your martini, Dad. She just wants your money. — I said the warning about that, getting a punch on his arm from hers.
— He doesn't respect me. Will he learn this here?— she questioned the director who sighed.
— Everyone ends up learning. — It was her answer. — Without frying the brain.

That made me smile a little, at least someone here had a sense of humor. I thought they were all robots. I sighed softly when we got back to the tour. The castle was very cool, it gave chills, but good chills. I tied myself up in horror movies. I bet there were dungeons here, lots of cool things.
My eyes lit up a little when I saw the pool area. Damn, there were three huge pools and he also said that there was another area like that in the girls' part and an abandoned one, there had been fires there and they decided to disable the place that was totally abandoned.
I looked at the kitchen, then the cafeteria, all the places were very large, as expected. I bit my cheek lightly internally when I saw the classrooms, the music room, the laboratory and everything imaginable existed in that castle. He commented on the ballroom and frowned slightly.

— And are there parties here? — the director looked at me with my question.
— Maybe none that you like yet. — smiled fake at me.

I pouted crookedly and looked around the place again. We went back to what I believed to be his office, I was leaning against the corner of the room, looking around while my father talked to him. They talked about me like I wasn't here so I pretended I wasn't.
My eyes went around the room, I noticed some pictures that seemed to be his with his family. A woman, a boy in all the photos. Probably his son since they had the same green eyes. I ended up seeing the trophies on a shelf, the medals, pictures of that same boy with the prizes.

— Is it your boy? — I heard my father ask and rolled my eyes with obviousness. As much as he looked like someone who ate children, obviously it was his son. — How many prizes!
— Yes, he is an excellent boy. — he replied with that proud tone of voice. My father took a look at me then and that made me laugh weakly, nasal.
— Envy, Daddy? — I pout like I'm sorry, but I only get a frustrated sigh. The director lets out a light laugh and that makes me wince.

Was it funny to him? He was really believing that he was going to change me. He couldn't change what was born damaged.

— We will. His cell phone, he will also go through a magazine before we take him to the dorm. — that was enough for me to almost freak out.
— Nobody touches me. — I pointed to everyone there so they wouldn't even dare to do that.
— No scandals, . No shows. Nobody here wants to see your shows! — my father sent tired.
— That's right. Marry a bitch, let her manipulate you, pretend to love you, convince you to get rid of your child so that you have nothing and no one to stop you from having all your money when she kills you. — I took my fucking cell phone out of my pocket and handed it to the crazy-looking woman who followed the director as if it were his shadow. I open my coat and take a walk around them, then show myself that there was nothing in my pockets. — Satisfied? Now just, please, take me to this damn room so I don't have to look at those idiots anymore.
— Look at him saying "please" — my stepmother joked, taking another tired sigh from me. And only then did I turn to her and show her the middle finger.

I turned my back on my father's shit and his disgusting wife, leaving the room and really wanted to scream, freak out alone. My luck was to have hidden the cigarette pack very well inside my boot. Luckily for me, if I could call it that, only my father and the director who accompanied me to the hallway where the rooms were. One of the hallways, of course. I put my hands in the pocket of my long black coat, the director tapped the door twice and a voice from inside said they could come in.

— Will I have a roommate? — I ask, not disguising the disgust of the poor fellow who would have me as a colleague.
— I don't think that's a good idea. I know my son…— that made me giggle and elbow my father in me.
— The idea is perfect. — the director said confidently.

It made me curious, very curious even with what he had in mind. Was it a priest on the other side? Because not even that ...
He opened the door, my eyes flickering across the room as I bit my lip. It was neat, two single beds only a little bigger than usual. Two closets. A balcony. WC. Uh a suite! The decor was bland, without any picture. A color that was a kind of beige with brown that was really dull. Until I noticed a boy sitting on one of the beds, he had a book in his hands. The big hair that almost reached the shoulders, curls at the ends, brown too. And when he got up and looked at us, I recognized him.
He was the director's son. The boy in the pictures in his office, his extremely green eyes were kind of unrecognizable. I took a good look at him, all right as if I couldn't take a hair out of him that would cause him to break out. His bed was neatly made, the books even seemed to be in alphabetical order on the shelf next to his bed. His clothes were well ironed, his white shirt, black pants and navy blazer on top.

— I believe that my son will be of great help to . is an amazing boy, talented, intelligent and true to all rules. Many of them he helped me to create. — I lowered my eyes again on him, who seemed a little bothered by the way I looked at him, but kept his smile closed and the pose of a good boy even as his father was saying. — He will be an excellent influence in his life.

That made me bite my tongue, not containing a mischievous smile on my lips as I turned back to meet the green eyes of the boy who was looking at me with a slightly arched eyebrow.

— I hope you're right. — My father said, not hiding his concern in his tone of voice and that was enough to make me laugh softly.
— You are Mr , right? It is an honor to meet you. Congratulations on the big hit on the stock exchange last year, I was reading about it and you were brilliant with the hunch. — The boy decided to speak up, making my father open that smile that he had won in the bag again. I rolled my eyes in pure boredom at that. — You should be proud of your father. — Then he referred to me who just took another good look at him.
— Ah do you think? — I looked a little deeper into his.
— He's hopeless, but I'm extremely happy with the compliment. — I looked away when my father answered him. I walked away from them, towards the balcony that had an incredible view of the castle garden. From the sports field as well and on the other side that was probably the girls' place.

I heard my father say goodbye, but I didn't answer, I just shrugged. Ignoring any complaints he made and especially the director's false promises thinking he was going to change me. Not even his perfect son could do that. I was going to prove to them, to my father also that I wasn't going to move here. It was far from the problem boy who that bitch had convinced him that I was, but now I would be exactly what she had said I was.
A monster? Oops, I'd love to try. Rebel? It would even extrapolate. What would happen to me? Frying my brain would be a favor, maybe I would find the fucking peace I was always looking for.
I looked over my shoulder when I heard the door close, leaving me alone with that boy who really should think he could make me a boring nerd as he should be. Surely he thought he was much better than me, much better than all of them just because he was the son of a guy who thought he was the god of the place. And I was always fucking pissing him off every day. He would stick his prizes up his ass, that's right.

— My name is , by the way. — I heard his voice not far away and shrugged. — I know you must be thinking everything is shit, being stuck here and not being able to see your friends, family, but…
— No need to play polite, good people with me. I know that you are going to be a pain in the ass that you will be handing me over to your father, I know exactly why they put me in that room with you. — I turn to him, looking at him very seriously. — Too bad for you, you know? Because it will probably be the first time that you will fail in life. You won’t change me.

I walk past him, pushing his shoulder as I return to the room.

— You seem to be great at judging people. — I hear his voice, which makes me sigh heavily and I decide to ignore it. I lie on the bed that was supposed to be mine that was right in front of him and I keep staring at any corner of the place. Pulling the air in anger from that shit situation. I was really feeling in a prison and I was here not even an hour ago.

I needed to find a way to get out of here.
My eyes go back to the green-eyed boy who had sat on his bed, picking up the book again. Until he felt my gaze on him and returned it, I didn't look away. I didn't back off. I deepened my gaze further on him, as if I wanted to read his soul, even letting my eyes focus even more on his. I licked my lips lightly as I delved deeper into that green shade that was more beautiful than the lawn there.
Until he sidestepped, clearly annoyed by it and that took away a slight smile.
Even if that boy was my key to get out of there.

Chapter 2

I nudged my cheek internally with the tip of my tongue, forcing my eyes to stay on the page of that book. However, my skin burned in a strange way and I knew why. That boy was still staring at me; he was lying there looking at me as if I had undressed. It was exactly the way I was feeling with his gaze. As if he himself undressed me and was there judging me, evaluating me and seeing if I was good enough.
I leaned my body a little tense on the bed, taking off my sneakers and trying to relax more in bed. I was just getting a little difficult with that boy still staring at me. What did he want? I closed the book tightly and raised my eyes until I met his eyes. He had brown eyes, but he had a tone in them that made me wonder what it was, it seemed to have a lighter shade and even a darker one. His eyes also contained that tone of mystery just as he did. He came with that sign that screamed for everyone to keep the distance and it was that same sign that made everyone want to get closer. That kind of cliché that everyone freaked out about. That type of boy that we called “bad boy” and all the girls want.
I knew he was going to be successful here with style, the debauchery, the seductive smile on his lips, that look that burned whoever he was looking at. I didn't know which one was there with me, maybe irritated me with that look, made me uncomfortable, I could even do it and I was. And so? Did he think I would want to punch him? Not with all the effort in the world he would achieve that. He thought he knew me only because of my father's compliments, everyone here thought they did. And the truth was that no one even came close to meeting me.

— And can we leave the room? — finally said something, licked my lips and took a deep breath before answering.
— Yes we can. Dinner is at seven, after that we are forced to retire and then we can't go out anymore. There's the inspect in the rooms at nine and another at eleven. — I let my voice come out soft, calm and very patient too. — There's another one at dawn too.
— Damn, do they even watch in the bath? — It contained an irony in his voice.
— No. The bathrooms are the only ones that do not contain cameras. — I replied simply. — The rooms don't either. But there is the inspect at those times.
— If you can't have sex, at least masturbation, we had to, right? — that made me swallow dry, looking away at the same time. — Are you too good even for that?
— Stop thinking you know me. — My voice comes out a little harsh and I can see a smile of interest on his lips.
— So ... you touch yourself in the bathroom. — He said, laughing softly. I decided not to answer because I knew he was still in that game of trying to irritate me. — Now you have a roommate, okay? If it takes too long, I'll have to use the bathroom with you masturbating or not.

I looked at him again with narrowed eyes.

— Rest assured that I am part of the group that works for a much better ecosystem. Less time spent in the shower is one of the pertinent topics we discussed. — I nibbled on my lip, feeling irritation spill over into my voice.
— Hm, without touching yourself in the shower then. Do you touch yourself in your bed? — that subject came up again.
— Why do you want to know this so much? — I cross my arms, deciding that maybe it's a good time to go for a walk and leave him talking to himself.
— I do not want to know. You must not have touched your own cock for a long time, trophies and medals would not allow you to do that and besides it is a sin. — Then he got up from the bed.
— You should try this. — I get up behind him, watching him turn his face and look at me over his shoulder.
— Masturbate? — He asked with an amused tone, I rolled my eyes.
— No. Winning trophies, I meant. Are you good at any sport? Tell me more about you. — I stopped beside him on the balcony, making my voice softer and friendlier. The brown-eyed boy was staring at me like I was some kind of alien there.
— Do you really want to meet me? — He deepened his eyes on me, getting a little closer and making me catch the air. — You'll regret it.

He chuckled and took a pack of cigarettes out of his boot, it made my eyes widen instantly, taking another laugh out of him.

— You can not smoke here. — I point the cigarette in my fingers. — Really. They smell it and I don't really know how to lie, nor will I lie for you.
— I thought you wanted to be my friend. — He pouted, feeling in his pockets until he took a lighter out of a hidden seam of his coat.
— Not that way. — I said quietly, still looking at him alertly so he really didn't do that.
— And how do you want to be my friend? — He raised his eyebrows, but my eyes were taken by the small flames that burned the cigarette on his lips.

His eyes closed a little when I saw veins on his neck jump out a little when he swallowed deeply. I ended up feeling a little mesmerized by the way he threw his head back as he blew the smoke up, causing it to get lost and disappear seconds later.

, put out that cigarette. — I increased my tone of voice, being more firm with him and returning to face his eyes. — Please.
— Or what? — He took another step in front of me, getting even closer and this time he made a point of blowing smoke right into my face.

I narrow my eyes slightly towards him and leave the room, going back into the room and picking up a control that was a beep. This made the brunette almost go back into the room, but he saw that the smoke could trigger some alarm if he smoked in here. He was right, the smoke would deliver him without even having to do it myself.

— Go ahead, touch that shit and give it to me. Do it! — Hepointed at me and then at the control in my hand. — Do you think I care? Will I get a suspension for that? Because all the punishments that I imagine they can do to me don't make me afraid at all and don't make me want to put out that cigarette. Do you still want to meet me? Write down in your notebook one of the things to change about me: I don't care about a fucking thing. — He took the cigarette to his lips, leaving it stuck between his lips when he opened his hands in defiance to me.
— Just don't smoke in here and leave no sign of the disgusting smell it has. — Was what I said tiredly. If I really wanted to help him be a better person, I couldn't be a tantrum, a complete asshole with him. It should be the opposite of him, be kind, a good friend, a good person who could really help you if he allowed it. It was my job here, I knew that my father trusted me for this task.

I needed to be proud of him again.
Changing that guy seemed to be better than any prize for me.
So I let him smoke outside, going back to my book and staying there for a few hours without even realizing the hour passed when I fully devoted myself to the surrounding story. I only woke up from reading when I looked outside and saw that the sunlight was gone and the night was beginning. Soon dinner would be served, my eyes searched for the boy and I saw the bathroom door closed, the noise of the shower. And my eyes opened a little more when I heard his voice from inside, he was singing.

— R. I. P. to my youth and you could call this the funeral — his voice came hoarsely and filled that bathroom, until he made me get out of bed so I could hear better. — I'm just telling the truth, yeah. You can play this at my funeral.

My goodness, his voice was great. He was good at that! Man, he might as well use his voice to his advantage. With every note he reached you could get goosebumps, those good goosebumps when you heard his favorite music, for example.

—Tell my sister don't cry and don't be sad, I'm in Paradise with Dad - sang louder, could hear his fingers being snapped or even he clapped his hands imitating the rhythm of the song, making my smile increase a little most. — Close my eyes and I cross my arms put me in the dirt, let me dream with the stars — I tried to search my mind if I knew that song, but my father had made me grow up listening only to classic songs that it was hard to remember that I heard something else, something more current.
— I was naive and hopeful and lost now I'm aware and trapped in my thoughts, oh — by the noise and excitement I even imagined he was dancing. That would improve his mood, right? It was good. I retracted my lips when I heard the shower being turned off and went back to my bed, picking up the book again. Minutes later he went out drying his hair with the towel, wearing dark jeans.
— You should work on singing, you know? Your voice is very good. — I commented amicably. He tossed the towel on the edge of the bed and looked at me.
— Were you listening to me taking a shower? — I swallowed dry with that question, but I shook my head.
— No. I heard you sing, it's different. — I kept my tone steady. He smirked, almost a smile that would make fun of me, but he just put on the school uniform that we were forced to wear. At least the white shirt, the embroidered emblem on the left chest and the dark blue blazer.

Of course, ignored the tie, not shocking me that he would definitely break a uniform rule. He didn't know that the more rebellious acts, the more his life here would be a drug. They would pick on him too much. The punishments. Scolding. It wasn't healthy even for him who said he didn't care.

— The pants I even think they will miss today, but the tie is very indispensable. — I commented, getting up and fixing my clothes so I could go to dinner too.
— I only wear a tie if it's to tie someone up to fuck. Other than that ... — he threw the piece at me, laughing softly and stopping in front of the mirror just to fix his hair.
— I'm not kidding about the tie, . — I moistened my lips and extended his tie to him who was in my hand now.

He looked at me through the mirror's reflection before turning to face me.

— I wasn't kidding about my only use with ties, either. — His voice came out hoarse, provocative and I was already starting to lose my patience with his provocations.
— I just tried to help. — I murmured, shrugging my shoulders. Throwing the tie at him like he had done to me, but I was surprised when he hit me with the tie, laughing a little loudly the next second. My face must have looked great because I was still amazed at what he had just done.
— You don't even have a sense of humor. — He rolled his eyes, still laughing quietly and passing me, putting on his shoes that were part of the uniform.

I waited for him at the door because I needed to show him where the dining room was and it was quite possible that if I let him roam around, he would do it, it was very clear in his face that the first opportunity he had, he would surely come out doing it and clearly he did not have it. fear of no punishment. But he didn't know what the punishments were like, he was sure. He had just arrived, he didn't want the experiences he had here right away to be the worst.
I was showing him what probably my father should have already shown as we walked together down the long hall. He just looked when he pointed things out, but he didn't say anything and his expression of boredom really bothered me. Did he do that to irritate me?

— Am I boring you? — the question escapes my mouth and it makes him look at me right away. Giving a little funny look, like I just told him a joke and it bothered me a little more.
— Are you trying to entertain me? You'll have to try harder than that. In fact, I already went through the tour, I don't need it again and I'm hungry, my mood is worse than it already is. I just want to eat, go back to the room and sleep. — He was short and thick, not hesitating the stutter in any word. I bit my lip and stopped talking too, just nodded and followed him to the big dining room where everyone was.

We received the looks of almost everyone, don't expect ... Yes, they were from everyone. Everyone knew me, everyone knew my name, but none really wanted to become my friend. And I just had a great friend from all that crowd of young people. I knew it was because of my father, I already suffered a lot from it, with this exclusion that everyone did to me. But I understood that it was the best, I didn't want anyone close to me out of interest because it didn't really work and everything that happened at school and they were caught, fell on my back. Everyone always thought that I was the one who delivered everyone to my father and to be quite honest I never delivered anyone.
I just never managed to lie to my father, I was raised without lies, my father always knew when I lied, it seemed like a gift from him and he even looked like a wizard because of that. If he asked me anything, just by hesitating to answer he would already know the answer. So I stopped trying to be part of any little group that existed in that school. I didn't even care about being alone, I would know that a real friend wouldn't care about my father. Then I smiled when my one true friend approached.

— Nolan, this is the new student. , this is Nolan. — introduce the two, Nolan opens a gentle and receptive smile when the brunette just greets him with a nod, dry and cold. My friend looks at me right away and I lift a shoulder that would later tell him better about that new student who was also my first roommate in all these years.

We all sat together, in front of us and yet he remained silent. His mysterious brown eyes stayed on his plate as he ate, showing that he was really hungry. Nolan nudged me from time to time over dinner to show how everyone in there was paying attention to that boy. The girls, the boys and everyone, that didn't surprise me. I was more surprised that my father was not present for dinner.

— Nobody stops looking at him. — Nolan whispered to me, making my eyes go around the room and all deviate at the same time.
— He's the new subject, they're just curious. — I shrug, drinking some water. So the brunette in front of me was looking at me after all that quiet time and with downcast eyes. A smile right at the corner of his lips forms and his eyes cross the room for the first time, as if he looked at everyone present and intimidated them. But maybe it was just me who felt this way with him, but it would soon pass, too. He licked his lips and kept his eyes fixed on a specific corner, Nolan and I looked where he was looking and it was at the girls' big table.
— Any of your interests? — I asked, leaving the glass of water on the table. The brunette in a slow motion, looked at me well and opened his mouth to answer, then closed it the next second and lifted a shoulder.
— And why would it have to be just one? — He raised an eyebrow at me, pushing his plate on the table and then rising. I followed him with my eyes, not just me as well as the whole room, we watched him leave and only then did I realize that I shouldn't let him roam the castle.
— Damn it, I have to go after it or my dad kills me. — I mumbled and heard Nolan chuckle.
— You won't be able to stick to it all hours of your day, you know? Your father should know that too. — I heard the blonde's voice beside me and sighed in agreement. But even so I got up and went after the brunette, saw him going up the stairs again and ran to catch up with him and when he looked back and saw me, his eyes rolled and I could hear him snorting.
— Will you want to follow me until you go to the bathroom? Seriously… — Her voice was irritated and that made me shrug slightly.
— I'm not doing it because I want to and it won't be forever. My dad needs to have confidence in you and me too. We can help each other out, you know? So I stop being your shadow. — I'll open the game with him soon. But what he did was laugh a little loudly, taking out a huge question mark in my own face. What had I said funny?
— You are going to regret being my shadow, . — I froze a little when I heard my last name in his voice the first time. I blinked my eyes quickly and looked at him with narrowed eyes, but he swerved and continued on his way until we reached our dorm. — I told you I wanted to eat and sleep, that's what I'm doing.

I let it out slightly and nodded to him, it was the truth, he had even told me that. After all, what could he do wrong when he had practically just arrived? I smiled friendly to him who once again for the first time returned my smile, giving a small and friendly smile. Maybe it was sleep making him more friendly, but I didn't complain or even think about making fun. As soon as we opened the door to our room, we found my father there and Mrs. Masterson.

— Mr , the cigarette. — my father held out his hand towards him, I swallowed and wondered how he found out. — Come on, the cigarette pack now!

I felt 's gaze on me and I looked at him, his eyes seemed to want to burn and burn me together, in fact, it even looked like he was killing me there at that moment while staring at me. It was not me! Damn it, it wasn't me who had denounced it. He shot me for a few more seconds and handed the packet to my father shortly after.

— How many lashes will I get? Torture? What's up? — My father teased, but he just ignored him, handing the pack to Mrs. Masterson.
— This weekend you are without your cell phone. Two weeks without knowing anything about life out there just for your audacity to answer me. — I retracted my lips and lowered my head to my bed. I couldn't get in, I had warned you that I wasn't supposed to smoke. — And no breakfast just because I'm not wearing a tie, .

It made me swallow more because I had also warned about the tie. It would be a lot easier if he just listened to me.

— It's really hell here. A prison, in fact, the prison is even better. — I heard 's voice fill the room with the size of his anger. — Fuck, leave me without eating as much as you want.

I looked up and saw the way he looked at my father without any fear, he didn't really care, he wasn't afraid, he didn't feel anything. That puzzled me more about him, how had he been like that? What was his story? That curiosity took me over and I knew I was going to get too screwed up because of her. My father did not answer him, just looked at him in the same way and left the room with Mrs. Masterson.

— It wasn't me ... — He didn't let me speak, he came to me in firm and long steps, stopping inches from me, but I didn't back down even if my body wanted to.
— I will make your life hell! — His voice was low, hoarse and gave me an intense and strong shiver down my spine. His brown eyes were even darker in mine.

And I believed that he would.

Chapter 3

I got up earlier than that stupid bastard and headed for the bathroom. Today we would have as classes, at least during that period I would have a peace with him. He would run away and avoid him at all costs. Unbearable! That's what he was. Gossip, daddy's little boy and a pain in the ass.
I was singing and dancing in the shower, until I smiled immensely at the knock on the door.

, I need to use the bathroom so we can go to class. — That got me another low laugh. I just sang louder and had even changed the song, I was letting my voice out louder and I was totally unconcerned about his haste.
— Call your dad to kick me out of the shower. — I said loudly, turning off the register when I saw that it had been a long time. But it doesn't come out of the bathroom. I just kept curling up there until I left about ten minutes for him to get ready. I left with the towel wrapped around my waist, seeing the boy red with anger and I retracted my lips with the laugh that I almost let slip.
— Are you mad, ? — I asked mockingly, smiling cynically at him too. The same thing passes by me snorting, wanting to burn me alive for sure. He was even better red that way, angry, his green eyes on fire. It didn't even seem like the unbearable pain in the ass he was. — Anger suits you, my dear.

I hear him mumble things in another language that I could have sworn was French. But I shrugged, wearing that tacky and ridiculous uniform while he showered. I stop in front of the mirror, sighing heavily as I put on my tie. My face grimaces without even realizing it myself. The well-pressed white shirt highlighted my very dark hair, my brown skin looked a little better with the navy blue blazer. I left some buttons on the shirt open, the tie loose and the blazer open. I pulled my hair back, smiling slightly when I saw that it had been played the way I enjoyed it.
I ran my fingers over my stubble before I sprayed the perfume, watching the starter come out of the bathroom already dressed and that made me laugh a little, pulling his attention to me with a look that asked what was the fun.

— Ashamed to change in front of me, ? — I look at him intensely through the reflection of the mirror, seeing him roll his eyes and leave like crazy, finishing getting ready in a hurry. His wet hair that was getting in the way of many things and I could tell just from the way he was trying to get it out of his face.
— I'm almost wasting my time and it's all your fault, ! I am never late, never. What was your problem? — His voice came out more hoarse than usual, totally choked with anger and it was a lot of fun.
— My fucking problem was that I didn't eat breakfast because of you. — I point a finger at him, leading me to the bedroom door.
— Don't be that way. — I turned my face to him who handed me a thermos cup and the smell was just coffee, I frowned slightly at the glass and his green eyes. I take it in the next instant, bringing it to my lips and taking a sip. It was warm, which was no wonder. He sighed and went back to get his blazer from the bed. Was he thinking that that act would win me over? I turned to face him and when he came towards me, I gave a forward impulse making the boy hit the coffee cup and the liquid spilled all over him.
— Oops, I didn't see you were coming back. — I pouted sadly, returning the glass to him and leaving the room without himself. A feather that he would have to change his shirt now.

I put my hands in my pants pockets as I walked directly to the room I knew where it was. They had forced me to do two tours practically yesterday, thanks to my memory that it was great I remembered each place that they had presented to me. The only ones lost in that place would be the director with his little boy, thinking that they were going to put me on track. But I had to confess that it was being fun to see the boy try, he was really hard.
I went into the classroom, choosing a seat in the back, totally ignoring the looks on me just like last night at dinner. I leaned my back on the chair that was even comfortable, only then did I let my brown eyes surround the entire room. My teeth slowly grazed my lip when my eyes stopped in places. I raised an eyebrow at a blonde girl who was sitting in the front row, she smiled shyly and lowered her head. I shook my head slightly, but kept my gaze on her unabashedly. But we were called attention when the teacher came in with the principal right after she looked for her son, of course. I smiled cynically at him too, who shot me with his eyes.

— Where's , Mr. ? — I looked both ways, then stood up and looked into my pocket, opening my arms.
— It's not here, is it? — That made some laughs from the people who controlled themselves due to the director's fear. He really ate children!
— Where's my son... — was cut by himself, who entered the room in the same second, saving me from his dad's outbreak that would be epic, but I really was out of humor or patience for that one who left me without coffee. smiled at his father saying that he spilled his own coffee and had to change his shirt in a hurry. I frowned at that, swearing that the gossip was going to tell me that I spilled the coffee on him.

Was he really trying to redeem himself?
His green eyes met mine when he sat down in the chair opposite. I smiled at him almost showing the middle finger, but I might even go without dinner because of a joke. I sighed softly, narrowing my eyes and then opening them with some surprise when I saw the blonde girl give the boy a peck. Wait... seriously? Now I was surprised that that man had a girlfriend. And still hot.
He had even been surprised by that since she didn't even sit next to him at dinner. But I still felt sorry for her because he never seemed to have used his dick. Maybe that's why she was all smiles shy at me. I clicked my tongue at the roof of my mouth, pushing those thoughts and paying attention in class. Incredibly interesting, the geometry teacher was excellent. At least in teaching, that damned prison was a good one.
At lunchtime, I decided to stay out in the field because I was really feeling totally suffocated in that dark, lifeless place. I opened that tie more when I threw myself on the first bench I had outside. Sticking the last piece of that dull snack too, longing for a McDonalds at that moment, an immense portion of potato chips would be my paradise. A cigarette would also be my paradise. Someone to bury my dick wouldn't be bad, either. It would de-stress me at least.

— Whose cat did he kill to be here? — I heard a voice too close and looked up to see a boy standing there, I narrowed my eyes slightly at him and the other beside him.
— Unfortunately not your mother's. I reply, shrugging my shoulders. Noticing that he narrowed his eyes even more on mine, I ended up doing the same. But I was a little surprised that he laughed afterwards and the brown haired boy next to him laughing too, I ended up smiling in amusement too.
. — he held out his hand to me.
. I shook his hand in greeting. This pointed to his friend with his head.
— He calls Louis. — I nodded to the other, then watched them sit on the same bench as me.
— How is it to share a room with 's strapless suitcase? — Louis asked, making me laugh without sound.
— Let's say it is ... — I clicked my tongue at the roof of my mouth to find the right word. — Funny.

They both burst out laughing and looked at me curiously.

— And what is fun about that boy? — questioned, I looked around and ended up finding himself holding hands with the blonde girl and his little friend next to him. The blonde and the blond boy were laughing, but seemed to find the floor more interesting than the conversation itself.
— Nothing in it, but it's fun to piss him off. — it was the truth.

I heard this with the other tell some very funny stories from school, about how seemed to screw up with life in general. Including Louis himself, who bitterly told me how much he hated the green-eyed boy. The principal's son had given it to his father saying that he had cheated on the final exam that happened every year. It had cost the boy's scholarship to Oxford.

— If you want help to torment the suitcase you found your gang. — said, making my brown eyes look at him and what I did was laugh.
— Gang? It looks like we're going to rob a bank. — I scoffed, shaking my head slightly and looking back at the boy whose subject was our subject. Now his green eyes were on me too. — Top.

I heard Louis and cheering, telling us some plans we could make to irritate the gossip boy who kept looking at me totally annoyed to see me with those boys that he should know didn't like him at all.

— Only top if they get me a cigarette and a fuck. — I get up from the bench, seeing their faces for me, which was priceless. — I'm kidding, only the cigarette is good. The sex I arrange myself.

I blinked at both of them, walking away from them, but I was interrupted when I heard my name being called by that .

— In the bathroom ten minutes before dinner, I'll get you the cigarettes. — that finally took a roguish smile out of the corner of my lips, I nodded at him and turned my way back into that medieval prison.


He snapped his fingers around the room as he rolled up to look for my shirt, tried to read and I could see his breathing getting stronger because I was making the loudest noise to deconcentrate him all the time. I could even see the boy snorting every time I was quiet and clapped my hand out of nowhere and he jumped up.

And the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways. So in case I'm mistaken, — I start singing loudly, jumping on the bed and with two jumps, I let my body fall on my back on the mattress. — I just wanna hear you say: You got me, baby — I play drums in the air and let my voice out even more — Are you mine?
— Enough, ! He arrives! — I hear drop the book on the bed and just lift my torso, leaning on my elbows behind my body, looking at the extremely angry boy.
— Was it disturbing you? I thought you liked my voice. — I tip my head to the side, smiling very sideways, watching the boy shoot me.
— I didn't give it to you, okay? I don't want you to be without your cell phone, without coffee, I don't want any of that. It is frustrating to try to explain to people that I am not the one to tell my father. — he ran his fingers over his long strands, something told me he was telling the truth, but most of all he was just a shitty liar. Fake daddy's sycophant.

Then he continued:

— I know that the boys must have said many things that everyone here says that I delivered. I did it, I told my dad, some things that I really had no idea was going on. There are cameras here, there are watchmen, there are students who are paid to scold by my own father and find it easier to accuse his own son. But I don't care about their opinion anymore, nor do I want to be part of their ridiculous club. I'm only going to tell you this once, now it's your choice to hate me because you like it or not I'm going to be your roommate.

I blinked my eyes, watching him leave my field of vision and go to the balcony. He was sure it was my choice.

— You still don't understand that you are going to regret having me as a roommate, . — I speak loud and clear so that he can understand that at once. — And one more thing you still don't understand about me is that I don't really care about a fucking thing. — You can't hate something you don't really care about.

And his tantrum only showed that he did care about exclusions, it showed that it affected the hatred of those boys over him. Which was terrible, it would be a lot easier for him not to really care. When you really stopped caring about things, they stopped affecting you. I started to learn it in a difficult way, but I learned it and I don't suffer from it anymore.
I closed my eyes and sighed heavily as I remembered the last time I really cared for someone and that someone was no more. Only his memory could live in me, with me and I knew he would live forever. It would be the last person I would let take over my heart. The last person who made him hit, who broke him, who took everything from me with his departure. I forced my eyelids to feel my chest fill with air at the same time hurting with all those memories.
I often allowed myself to feel just to feel alive. I hadn't died yet. It had not been completely destroyed.
Not yet.
I got up, wearing my shirt and seeing that it was just before dinner and I needed to find in the bathroom. hurried to get ready too and I rolled my eyes because that idiot would still want to be my shadow. I left the room and watched the boy with curls follow me. I turned my face just to look at him, who looked back in the same second.

— I need to go to the bathroom and I'm going to use the one next to the big salon, okay? You watching me all the time made me forget to pee. — I said, snorting and hoping that boy still doesn't want to come with me.
— I need to wash my face. — I stopped walking at the same time I heard him saying that and went in front of him, stopping inches from him and letting my breath come out hot and heavy against his face.
— Will you want to clean me there too? — I cross my arms and look up.
— You know what, , you can go alone. — He sighed tiredly and managed to pass me, following his path and smiles in victory, turning in the corridor towards the bathroom.

I ran just before the damn dinner hour and the cavalry came after me. Since could even hand me over to his dad saying it was very likely that I was killing someone in the bathroom. Who knows…
I met at the back of the bathroom, he pointed at his watch showing that he was two minutes late, but then he threw me the cigarette packet that was inside a deck of cards and it made me laugh softly. I hope, very smart.

— Sunday usually goes to his father's house, you will be without a roommate. I'm going to spend the weekend here and I think Louis will too. — He started to say, going to the sink and washing his hands, running in his hair next. I looked at him to see where he was going with this. — How about a social?

I laughed weakly at that and lifted a shoulder in signal that I had liked the idea.

— I'm still without an allowance for that, you know? My father is still in the process of "I hate my son and him to turn around". — I made that very clear and the boy laughed.
— At this party we let you just be the guest. — He turned to face me. — But the favor for the cigarette will be charged. I hope you are not influenced by those little green eyes.

I ended up laughing loudly and making a jewel with my thumb, really mocking.

— I love how everyone here seems to underestimate me. — I commented, licking my lips. — I usually pay off my debts, .

I blink an eye at him and leave the bathroom, heading for the dining room in a much better mood than at least one thing on my list I had accomplished.
The cigarette. Now the hot fuck was missing.
I smirked as I sat across from , noticing him looking at my smile with a puzzled look.

— Should I be afraid of that smile, ? I heard his hoarse, low voice address me and looked at him.
— Not just the smile, . — I pass the tip of the tongue on the upper lip.

Not just the smile.

To be continued...

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